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Celebrating Courtney's passion for purple, our designers have these developed custom arrangements featuring purple roses, stock, alstroemeria and more. A portion of each sale will go to support the I AM Scholarship fund at Worthington Kilboune High School.

Everyday during her senior year as captain of the water polo team, Courtney would tape up motivational quotes in the locker room. She loved these encouraging quotes and positive thinking. She encouraged everyone to work hard all the time without complaining, but also to have lots of fun. She had an intense love for the game of water polo. She played not only for Worthington Kilbourne for four years, but for the Olympic Development Program Midwest team during the winters throughout high school, and had finished her first year on Marist College’s Division 1 varsity water polo team, appearing in ten games.

Courtney swam from a very young age and during high school she swam middle distance freestyle events. She consistently encouraged people during hard swim sets and was always cheering for others during their events. Additionally, Courtney played softball and although Courtney was supposed to be a left and center fielder, she was also the fourth string pitcher. When all of the other pitchers were injured one season, she ended up pitching almost every game because Courtney always did what was best for the team. Because Courtney played all three of these sports all four years of high school she accomplished “twelve seasons of greatness”, an honor very few students are able to achieve.

Other teams may remember her for her ability because she was a wonderful player, but she is also remembered for her dedication to her academics. Courtney embodied the idea of a student-athlete, earning highest honors and the College Board AP Scholar with Honors distinction in high school, and was named to the Honors Roll at Marist College after her freshman year. She was a biomedical sciences major with the intention of being a pediatrician.

Courtney had a deep love of life and a great sense of humor. Courtney always found new ways to have fun with the team. From her sophomore to her senior years, the team made fun lip sync videos to different popular songs. Courtney spent countless hours helping direct and record footage during water polo tournaments and get-togethers, editing and setting the video to music, and making sure it was burned onto a disk as a keepsake for each of the girls. Not only was the filming a fun, team-bonding activity, but Courtney’s carefree, silly personality shows on each one as she dances, poses, and laughs for the camera.

Courtney was also very involved in One Leg at a Time, an anti-bullying initiative in the Worthington School District. Along with two of her friends, she fundraised, planned, and led Stand-up for the Silent, a day long anti-bullying campaign beginning in 2013. The day begins with a school-wide assembly to educate students about bullying with different guest speakers and then the freshman have a challenge day that breaks down stereotypes, allows people to open up to each other and unites the freshman class. This program will be continued at both Worthington Kilbourne and Thomas Worthington High Schools in honor of Courtney.

Because of Courtney’s love of fun and inclusiveness, along with her work ethic, Courtney was a great leader. She was captain of all three of the sports she played during her senior year and while playing she led by example. Courtney loved to give back, coaching the summer swim league that she grew up swimming in for several summers. Courtney was very dedicated to water polo coaching also, coming back in the summer to practice and assistant coach the Worthington teams before heading off to college. The most important thing to Courtney however was her family. She took this love and created the atmosphere of family in our water polo community.

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